Know About DME Medical Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

Know About DME Medical equipment repairs & maintenance

Durable medical equipment needs a DME Repair & maintenance from your DME supplier.

Durable medical equipment needs a DME restore & preservation from your DME supplier.

Repair: DME repair by a Durable medical equipment supplier includes adapting the equipment which has been re-construct or worn.

Maintenance: It is at once cleansing, inspecting, or checking over a patient’s equipment. Generally, Patients maintain their equipment using the users manually, but DME suppliers will provide maintenance service if maintenance is more complex or requires a professional.

Providers need to understand that Medicaid will not cover more specialized Durable medical equipment Conservation or repairs if the patient or the supplier does not own the equipment.


Rental Durable Medical Equipment: Patients must pay a monthly rental charge for their equipment. DME suppliers are answerable for all kinds of DME Repairs and allowances until a professional requirement is required.

Patients do not need to pay any amount to the DME medical billing companies or suppliers for this work.

Patient Purchased/Owned Equipment's

Medicare covers the cost of repairs and maintenance of the patient purchased or has owned their equipment. All these services are not covered under warranty and assurance.

Medicare covers 80 percent of Medicare-approved amounts when patients need equipment. Patients will need to co-pay 20% for this type of service & care.

Guidelines for Rental, Repairs and Maintenance of Oxygen Equipment

Medicare’s coverage rules regarding oxygen equipment rental, repair, and maintenance differ from their usual rules for DME. To limit patient spending, providers must ensure using the correct supplier.

Oxygen Equipment Rental

Patients were not allowed to purchase Oxygen equipment. They can only rent for 5 years.

Medicare recompense for Oxygen equipment & tools:

Medicare will pay a monthly rental fee to the supplier for the first three years. This fees covers all medical equipment, supplies, and maintenance. Patients need to pay at-least 20% of the monthly rental charges.

The patient is no longer required to rent the equipment from the supplier after 3 years. However, the supplier still retains ownership of the equipment. The patient can keep the equipment with him for up to two years. If the patient uses an oxygen tank or cylinders, they will need to pay 20% coinsurance.

After five years, patients will choose to have their oxygen equipment replaced by a new supplier. The patient must return oxygen equipment to their DME supplier if they have been using it for less than five years.

DME repairs and Maintenance of Oxygen Equipment

The supplier must ensure that oxygen equipment is maintained in good working order throughout the 5-year rental period.

The supplier must pr
ovide supplies and maintenance free of charge for the patient during the initial 3 years. Providers can bill patients every six months for in-home maintenance visits within the last two years of the rental period. Patients must need to pay at least 20% of the co-insurance.

To learn in detail about the rules and regulations for the servicing and maintenance of oxygen equipment, click. Make sure you follow any Medicare Advantage Plan coverage rules your patient may have.

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