About Us


Based in North Palm Beach Florida, AccQdata has been a leader in reimbursement, serving the Orthotics and Prosthetics and DME communities nationwide since 1994. We believe that the long term stability and success of your practice depend on knowledgeable billing and collection information. Knowing the full aspect of billing guidelines and methods will efficiently enhance your reimbursement.


"We believe in creating a set of values that encourages everyone to speak honestly about what they do, what works, and what needs to be improved."


"Our mission is to unlock the potential of healthcare communities by providing them the most compelling medical billing solutions and- Empowering them to achieve more."


"Our vision is to make the medical billing process prompt by simplifying it and error-less by automating it, involving technology-based solutions into it."

Cutting ribbons!!!

We started AccQdata in October 1994.

Excellence DME Medical Billing

Consistent baby steps for 6 years leads us towards a big result.

Expertise in DME Billing
Expertise in DME Billing
Expertise in DME Billing

Starting a new service gave us a chance to serve clients in more than one aspect.

And improving!!!
Expertise in DME Billing

Give us a chance to serve you with our outstanding Excellency and Support

Raj Shah

From the CEO's desk

Raj creates an environment that helps employees to be more productive, more improved, and more efficient. He allows employees to share ideas and create a sense of ownership. He begins his morning by checking reviews of all yesterday’s clients and guide the company to improve their client services.