How AR Follow-up management is a major factor in DME Billing?

How AR Follow-up management is a major factor in DME Billing

AR is an Account Receivable team that takes follow-up to a healthcare organization, and therefore it is the responsibility to look at rejected claims and re-open them, and to provide maximum compensation to insurance companies. An account receivable team is actively employed by the organization to deal with such claims.

AccQdata also follows the AR follow-up process. AR management is an important part of the medical billing process, so it is crucial for the stability and success of the medical practice. It complies with claims after submission, in medical billing. It helps to accelerate the payment process by reducing the number of days from submission to payment.

AccQdata focuses on identifying and analyzing claims listed on A/R reports and clearing maximum medical collection.

AccQdata undertakes 3 phases of the AR follow up process which includes:

  • Initial an assessment of the medical A/R Follow-up
  • Analysis and prioritizing of a medical A/R Follow-up
  • Collecting in a maximum of a medical A/R Follow-up

Our team is also responsible for two major departments:

  • A/R- Follow up
  • A/R- Analytics

Why is this important?

  • The hospital’s financial stability
  • Helps recover over-payments
  • The minimum time for outstanding accounts
  • Claims can never be lost

In Our DME medical billing service. Our team identifies unapproved claims, unpaid claims, and underpaid claims. We can handle all your medical billing AR requirements. And which considers the proper submission of rejection claims, error-free claims, and efficient follow-up for settlement of pending claims and outstanding debts, etc.

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