Why Reporting is an important factor in DME medical billing?

Why Reporting is an Important factor in DME medical billing

Reporting is the final step in the medical billing process, followed by denial management. In this final phase of the medical billing process, we take these important steps in managing medical billing reports. We also do the reporting through that.

The numbers on these reports can affect many things, such as the number of patients and whether medical practitioners use paper or electronic claims. Here we describe all the steps such as the patient investigation, financial liability confirmation, patient inspection, coding and billing compliance, sending claims, receiving payments from insurance companies, billing patients, collecting payments, Etc.

AccQdata provides reports to the practitioners in a more complex way than ever before, with more options for reporting.

Our reports include

  • Account Receivable Report
  • Product Report
  • Listing Report
  • Denial Report
  • Aging Report
  • Payments Trend Report
  • Collection Report
  • Performance Indicator Report
  • Insurance Analysis Report
  • Patient Payment Report
  • Clearinghouse Rejection Report

Before displaying it, our team finalizes the reports by checking all the information. After that, we make the final report for medical billing.
This is called revenue cycle reporting.

Accqdata provide complete DME medical billing reporting service. We are sure that you can reduce you management cost by 70%. Learn from us how we work on revenue cycle reporting. To know more about DME medical billing service click here.

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