Claims Submission

Claims Submission
Medical Billing

Medical billing represents a claim for using insurance services. The most convenient first step is to collect the receipt and review it. AccQdata works to file a claim after the charge is entered. After the initial paper submission is completed, we follow up with the provider and document their services. AccQdata follows the medical billing process and begins the process of filing a claim after the charge is entered. Coder eliminates bills based on the physician’s documentation.

AccQdata follows the process of submitting a Medical Billing Claim and take steps that include Member Services, Registration, Provider Credentials, Eligibility, Claim Administration, Reaction Processing, Judgment, Settlement EOB/ EOP submission. We are fully functioning through the workflow.

We are avoiding these 3 errors, which helps reducing claim decline.

  • Missing a claim deadline
  • Missing claim information 
  • Clearing coding or insurance issues

We are finding that your claims should be simple. This is how you use dependency and security and provide full web services. We’re providing customers with a dashboard and we show you the status over time. In which

  1. Real-Time claims submission with as individual claims
  2. Real-Time claim submission with the batch of claims and status 

Health care providers also prepare insurance claims using the information provided in the patient’s bill. Therefore, we prepare claims such as:

  • Calculation
  • Submission 
  • Settlement of insurance claim
  • Reduces the time
  • Compilation