DME Billing Company


DME Billing Company


DME medical billing is different as compared to other types of medical billing. DME medical billing is a complex process. A DME billing company requires a knowledgeable and professional person for it. The in-depth knowledge of HCPCS codes is a must, still, it is a challenge for DME billing company. Everyone associated with the DME billing company, either a specialist or not do face hurdles in coding and billing. The DME equipment is highly-priced, thus patients prioritize renting them rather than purchasing. So the team working in a DME billing company should know when to use that particular code for errorless and convenient reimbursement. Thus it required well trained, well experienced, and professional biller and coder for DME medical billing. DME medical billing is not only limited to orthotics equipment, but it also includes wheelchairs, beds. blankets, crutches, braces, walkers, ventilators, o2 monitors, etc.

The major challenge a DME billing company faces is to reduce the number and volume of the denials. It is reduced by gathering all the documents and correctly using codes and information. Incomplete information of the payer and any missing document increases the highest odds for a denial. A complete claim reduces the A/R efforts and saves you resource time and money. Perfect harmony in the front and backend is the key point in a successful DME medical billing claim. Here AccQData as a DME billing company takes care of all our processes, which helps us in the reduction of denials. Our experienced staff helps us getting more cash flow for our client.



DME Coding means every single durable medical equipment has given a code to represent that particular segment. It is called DMECS also known as a durable medical equipment coding system. It is a very easy way to identify billing to the distributors and suppliers. It is created for the ease of the people engaged in DME billing company and it helps them to track all the things fast. It helps as a directory to all the people working with it. still, it is not a proxy to the HCPCS code. Some of the modifiers are also used in the billing process.

RR – Rented Item
KH – First rental month
KI – Second and third rental month
KJ – Fourth through the thirteenth month
KX – documentation to confirm the medical requirement
BP – Beneficiary purchase
NU – New purchased item
UE – Used purchase
BR – Beneficiary Rental
LT – Left side
RT – Right side
RA – Replacement of a DME
RB – Replacement of a part of a DME

What we offer as a DME Billing Company

Generally, many DME billing companies are involved in medical billing as it is a sunshine field. If you take into consideration the quality of the services, there are only a few DME billing companies that provide it. Billing itself is a complex process and DME billing is even more complex than any other medical billing. As it involves not only the purchasing of the equipment but renting the equipment also. Thus, getting your coding, filling, and billing done with an experienced DME billing company is a smart step, as it reduces the errors, working days, A/R, and increases the volume of the revenue. AccQData as a DME billing company provides you outstanding service with one step ahead facilities as compared to other DME billing companies.


  •  Data Privacy and Security

AccQData as a DME billing company use 256-bit encryption for their data sharing and auto-filling combination. We collect all the privacy-compliant data from you and then securely hold it in our database with encryption. 256-bit data encryption is the latest and safest technology in today’s time. it scrambles data and makes it unreadable. Most of the DME billing companies don’t keep their data into encryption, thus they became the victim of cyber attacks and data thefts. AccQData as a DME billing company always has their In-house technical team ready to counter any cyberattack as we believe in keeping a book beside our beds. That’s why it’s understandable that why choose an experience DME billing company as compared to other DME billing companies.

  • Accurately Claims Filling

Many DME billing company believes that claim filling is a very simple process and ignore the chances of errors. But the reality is very different than this. The claim filing process is very complex and it requires and experience and a well-trained person to do this. AccQData as a DME billing company takes care of this step as we are having certified and experienced staff members.

  • Live Custom Report

AccQData as a DME billing company holds this unique facility cause very few DME billing companies provide this type of service. For our clients, We make custom reports as per their volume of the claim and requirement. They can access these reports in the palm of their hand, as we upload them on an online server. Our live report shows you the status of your claim and the outcome o your revenue. Our report helps you to analyze the current situation and helps you to make informed decisions based on the data. Our reports are On-point and detailed about everything. It’s user-friendly UI and crafting helps you to get the insights faster. It also comes with many filters to get exactly what you wanted. No other DME billing company provides this, but only AccQData provides it. This is another reason to choose us as your DME Billing company.

Our process as a DME Billing Company

We consider ourselves as a prestigious DME Billing company. As we are involved in DME billing for ages and having vast experience in this, we strive to improve our process and make it as simple, quick, and client-friendly as possible. We see AccQData as one of the best DME billing company in the united states. Here are some brief about how we conduct our operations as a DME Billing company.

  • Documentation

Documentation is the first and key step taken by any DME billing company in their process. Many DME billing companies outsource this work, but it increases the chances of denial as even a single missing document can cost a lot. Thus AccQData as a DME billing company takes care of this thing first. We complete this work in-house to reduce the errors. At the very beginning, we screen all the requirements and start gathering the document. We make sure that all things are accurate and in order. We also maintain a checklist to avoid any mistakes. Once all the necessary documents are aligned, we further process the claim.

  • Eligibility and Authorization verification

We use AQVerify as our in-house eligibility verification. It is reliable, quick, and helps us to save time. AQVerify helps us to ensure that the applicant is meeting all the minimum criteria set by the payer. As authorization is an amendatory step, we complete this step before the operational process. No other DME billing company have this in-house.

  • Claims submission and auditing

As a DME billing company, we implant claims filing practices that are popular for a clean process. errorless submission reduces the denials and also promotes the process. We also do invoice auditing to prevent unnecessary DME billing errors.

  • Denial management

Denial management is a very important step in the DME billing cycle, as it clear all the residual claims. AccQData as a DME billing company takes care of this process very efficiently. When a claim returns to us, we make sure that we review it properly and fulfill all the missing links and complete the claim. As it helps to maintain the cash flow, our team of experts does it errorlessly. This is what makes us the best DME billing company in the USA.

  • A/R and Follow-up

Any DME billing company does have one A/R team in their process for the denials. We take care of the process and reduce the chances of a denial and keep them as low as possible. Still, if we get any denials, we have a team of experts who work consistently on the claims and follow-up with the insurance company. We do this regularly to keep reimbursement volume as high as possible.

  • 24/7 Client Support

AccQData as a DME billing company provides 365 days 24 hours client support from anyplace. As a DME billing company, we take responsibility for solving our client’s queries. We always believe in helping our clients. Just reach us by mail or a call and our experts will be there.

Types of equipment we deal with as a DME Billing Company

Generally, Durable medical equipment billing specialists focus on the larger durable medical equipment. But, AccQData as a DME billing company works with all the types of equipments like:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Crutches
  • Braces
  • Walkers
  • Beds for hospital
  • Other equipment for the hospital
  • Traction
  • Respiration related equipment
  • Nebulizers
  • Compressors
  • Oxygen related equipment
  • Decubitus
  • Hearing aid equipments
  • Modifiers
  • Speaking related equipment
  • Frames
  • Lifts
  • Pumps
  • Blood sugar indicator
  • Motion equipments
  • CPAP
  • Lancets
  • Supporters
  • Scooters

No other DME billing company is having this much verities of equipments in their commods. That’s what make AccQData as one of the best DME billing company in the usa.

Why choose us as a DME Billing Company

In DME Billing, if you don’t do it properly, it can cost you delayed and denied claims. It costs you a lot as it is very time consuming and it comes in the way of generating revenue for your company. So generally all the companies go for the billing and forwarding them to the insurance companies to increase their collections, but here at AccQData, we not only take care of your billing but also for the process. Our Technology based solution helps you to decrease denials and helps you to quickly get the collection. Our experienced team creates an error-free process to get things properly. Here some of the other reasons to choose AccQData for DME Medical billing.

  • Safe and Secure Billing
  • Experienced Coding and Billing Experts
  • Live Custom Reports
  • Regular Pay Follow-up
  • 100% HIPAA Compliance Processes
  • Working with the latest software and technology
  • In-house software solutions
  • Check reports from anywhere anytime
  • E-Claims Filing
  • Transparent methodology
  • Error-free entry with high accuracy
  • 30% cost savings assured
  • 25% increase in collections in the first few months
  • 97% claims paid on the first submission
  • Certified and well-trained A/R team
  • 265-bit data encryption for secure data sharing
  • Quality customer service
  • No hidden charges
  • Drastic Reduction in the overall costing